Edge will soon be everywhere

Edge technology is revolutionizing industries across the globe and there’s a growing necessity for solutions that can:

Gather or concentrate data from equipment, even on remote assets.


Make sense of data and compute insights before the data leave the field, plant, site or even vessel.


Ensure that only required data are streamed to a central location.


Make the best use of available communications stack i.e. only send priority data over more expensive links.


Make insights and analysis available to those on the asset who would immediately benefit, e.g. equipment anomalies for on-site operators.

75% of data consumed by industrial analytics applications will never leave the edge.

The need for analytics in assets located in rugged, remote environments without a persistent internet connection is critical. An integrated solution that can ingest data from local sensors and deploy, store, and run analytical models at the edge is often the best answer, improving real time decision making and operations.


Praetexo Edge Computing and Distributed Cloud brings the power of advanced analytics to local environments; even when they are primarily operating in a disconnected state. 

We can help you on your journey

Our team has solved challenges in outer space as well as scale-up platform solutions for some of the largest tech-based corporations in America. We provide extraordinary scaling abilities to any platform or system, enabling you to leverage the edge where and how it creates the most value.

New to Edge Computing?

Check out the video from  IDG TECHtalk below.  

Founded in 2018, Praetexo is positioned to become the Leading Edge Computing company in the global Industrial IoT market.

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